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Tips and recommendations on how to choose the right shutter!

City Shutters presents a few tips on the right use, care and proper maintenance of your shutters, straps, windows and more.
Thus you will be able maintain and preserve your product over time, because there are many problems that you can fix on your own.
Read on and find out if the problem that describes your shutters appears.
At City Shutters we have 15 years’ experience in the field and know how to address any problem, malfunction or upgrade of shutters, windows and doors.

You can call us at any time for advice, toll free at:
1-800-2000-13 or at 050-564-4434
City Shutters offers Jerusalem residents a free meeting, inspection and quote.

City Shutters warm advice!

  • Take care of your shutters…
  • Clean from dust and dirt periodically, don’t forget to oil shutters, tracks, hinges and axes.
  • Check that the shutters tracks aren’t loose.
  • Don’t neglect torn screens. Screens keep all sorts of critters from trying to get in, not only mosquitos… It’s also important to clean and wash screens– dust just loves to stick to them.
  • Electric shutters and electric blinds that start making noises and creaking sounds are potential problems. Read about it and save! Electrical problems with electric shutters and blinds are a real danger. Only a certified electrician should attempt to fix them! Take all precautions!
  • Tracks and wheels of sliding windows collect all sorts of rubbish and foreign objects, children’s toys and marbles etc. Inspect them regularly and do not neglect them.

Those who keep these simple maintenance rules will save and enjoy long shutter life. For any problems with shutters and related equipment, call us and we’ll be glad to help, toll free at 1-800-2000-13.

We are always ready to be of assistance!City Shutters, a combination of quality products, experience and excellence, courtesy and responsibility, standing by.

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