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Iron and Wooden Shutters


Iron Shutters and Wooden Shutters

Iron shutter, wooden shutter, these types of shutters are usually old but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good!

Iron shutters

Iron shutters also function as bars against break-ins.
In the old technique of iron shutter installation, the metal rungs or slats were adjoined differently from what we see nowadays. It is assempled in a way that makes it extremely difficult to remove from the outside. It is also very heavy compared to most shutters, and very difficult to lift unaided.
Although iron shutters are heavy, they can be made very easy to use by installing an electric motor or a roll-up wheel to them.
We recommend oiling the shutter tracks regularly to extend the life of the shutters. Iron shutters may rust over long periods of time and thus should also be re-painted from time to time with suitable paint. Rusting of the shutters can lead to breaking and crumbling of the shutters.

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are mainly a thing of the past in Israel. Even so, wooden shutters are charming in their appearance and are a beautiful decorative element to a home! They can be seen mostly in retro or village style homes. As opposed to iron sutters, though, wooden shutters don’t give much protection against break-ins.
It is of course highly recommended to take good care of wooden shutters, if you have them, and regularly clean and oil them with the suitable substances.
It is important to note that old wooden shutters are very difficult, if not impossible, to repair. With your choices in mind, we’ll advise you accordingly for the option that best suits you. Contact us for more information on wooden shutters.

For those of you who are interested in upgrade options to new shutters, we recommend you read into and choose what type of shutter best suits you. City Shutters will be happy to assist you in choosing your shutters and also give you great prices.
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