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Plastic shutters, or Aluminum?


Plastic shutters, or Aluminum roll-up shutters? How to choose the best blinds for the house?

Plastic shutters, roll-up shutters, Plastic or aluminum? This is a question we are often asked before installing new shutters or replacing old ones.

Moving, renovating or just making a change! We need to know a few things first, before we decide. Plastic shutters: Are cheaper than aluminum shutters, but not as durable. Plastic shutters are lighter than aluminum shutters, but are weaker. It’s good to know that for windows that are up to 1.20m wide you can install plastic shutters without doubt and without worry! Plastic shutters are a great solution for limited budgets and the result is certainly worth the price, but for openings that are wider than 1.20m it is very wise to install aluminum shutters.

This assertion is a kind recommendation. It will save you money and headaches in the long run:

Plastic Shutters

Plastic shutters, at widths of more than 1.20m will belly and warp, bend… and over time, due to weather changes and wind, may begin to pop out of the shutter tracks, wear considerably and even break.

Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum shutters can be found in two different kinds. The first kind is called foamed aluminum shutters. This is the more common kind and is made up of an outer layer of aluminum and in it a foamed insulating layer. Foamed aluminum shutters are stronger and more durable than plastic shutters, but not as strong and durable as solid aluminum shutters, described below.

Solid aluminum shutters, the second kind of aluminum shutters, are especially strong. They can stand harsh weather conditions and use over very long periods of time. Each shutter slat is die-cast and meant to last.

Both types of aluminum shutters are great choices for durability.

Another great advantage in aluminum shutters is that each slat is connected at it’s edges to the adjoining slats, preventing slats from accidentally popping out of place and out the shutter tracks.

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