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Proper use of electric shutters


Proper use of electric shutters & Upgrading your roll-up shutter to an electric shutter

Take care of your electric shutters!
Electric shutters are a convenient and easy to use solution. In the case of a problem or a malfunction we strongly advise that you don’t play with the shutter switch. Multiple attempts to move the shutters may cause electrical problems in both the switch and the shutter motor. Beyond electrical dangers, from our experience, there can be much damage and even backward-winding of the shutter within the shutter case.
In the case of a problem please contact us or a technician, the sooner you treat it the more you’ll save. A malfunction in it’s early stage is usually easier and cheaper to fix, so we warmly recommend that you don’t cause further damage to shutters by waiting and call a certified professional.

Upgrading your roll-up shutter to an electric shutter

You may be tired of your old roll-up shutters and have decided to upgrade your shutters to new electric shutters! If you do, from now on you will enjoy the advantages of electric at the press of a button! You should confirm with your technician that your shutter tracks and slats are intact and that all the slats in any given shutter are the equal in size. Also make sure that the shutter rolls up and down smoothly.
After installation, we recommend oiling the shutter tracks once every two to three months, depending on usage. Oiling the tracks can certainly keep the shutter moving smoothly. Just a pointer: the same applies to your windows and sliding doors. Proper maintenance of your electric shutter saves you unnecessary problems and expenses. Oil axes and tracks regularly and discover how surprisingly long your shutters can last!
Installation of electric shutter is an expert craft and City Shutters are seasoned veterans, which is our great advantage.

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