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Electric Shutters Jerusalem


Electric Shutters Jerusalem

Electric Shutter | Installation, Shutter Engine | City Shutters

On this page we will try to bring to light all the information about shutter installation, electric shutter installation:
Firstly, is the shutter engine. The shutter engine need to fit the shutter both in width and in length and must be suited to carry the weight of the shutter.
The type of material; such as plastic shutters, aluminum shutters(solid aluminum or foamed aluminum)- these factors drastically affect the weight of the shutters and thus the right choice of shutter motor.

Any shutter can potentially have a motor connected to it. On this page we’ll review several different types of shutters and we’ll give an example of an especially large electric shutter.

5 good reasons to install an electric shutter

  1. An electric shutter engine can be attached to any existing shutter base, even old plastic shutters, even to most old shutter cases.
  2. The electric shutter motor guides the shutter in the track in a mechanical and consistent way, which increases shutter life and preventing unnecessary friction in the raising and lowering of the shutter. The mechanical movement actually protects the shutter from many problems.
  3. In the case of larger, heavier shutters, upgrading to an electric shutter can ease a lot of effort for the home owner in the raising and lowering of their shutters. These days an electric shutter can be installed at almost any size. On this page we have an example of seven meter wide shutter.
  4. A special timer can be added to the electric shutter, and even be made to be automatic. It can also be made to work via remote control, with several different shutters in the house that can be controlled separately from a single remote.
  5. An accurate calculation of the shutter’s weight and knowing which shutter engine is the right one for a particular shutter will result in a quiet shutter that will last much longer.

A few words about us: City Shutters
We are trained in quality, excellence and service above all.
City Shutters, the leading team in Jerusalem in shutter repairs, shutter installation, expertise with electric shutters of all sizes

We’re breaking all stigmas! Manufacturers of electric shutter motors:

Korean engine / Chinese engine / Italian engine / American engine

As in all markets, also in the world of shutter there are differences in quality among the various manufacturers. Having extensive experience in the field, we know which are the buds and which are the duds…
It is common thought that things which are made in China are of lesser quality… we can openly say that not in every case will a Chinese motor be the last choice.
In every country that manufactures shutter motors there are good companies that make good motors, great companies that make great motors and not-so-great companies that make, well… bad motors.
We recommend working with reliable companies and we will match the right motor to any shutter according to size, weight and living conditions, using the best motor for the most reliability and best security.

Electric shutter installation in Jerusalem

Electric shutter in Jerusalem | Electric shutter installation | engine for shutters | City Shutters