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Roll-up shutter strap replacement


Many homes have roll-up shutters installed in most of their window, and every once in awhile the shutter strap may tear. If this happens, we recommend getting professional help for a good price! We’ll come over and replace the damaged strap and make your shutters good as new.
If by chance, you call another professional, it is recommended you make sure of the thickness of the strap and that it seems suitable to the size and weight of your shutters.
Another thing to pay attention to is how “hard” or how “soft” the strap is. A hard strap may be brittle with age and thus easily prone to tearing. Always make that the replacement strap is reasonably flexible to assure durability.
Ask to examine the quality of the strap beforehand, a hard strap is immediately noticeable!

Roll-up shutter strap replacement

City Shutters can put a bit of color in… We offer a wide selection of shutter strap colors. All materials pass under a critical eye before reaching the customer. We supply a large array of differently colored straps without compromising on the quality of the straps.

City Shutters, fixing shutters, replacing straps, professional and responsible hebrew labor!
Shutter installation in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem area.

City Shutters, supplying the entirety of solutions in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.
With our people you’ll find straps in a variety of colors, making the strap a smart decoration to suit the design of your home, all at top-quality!!!

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