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Shabbat Timer for electric shutters


Shabbat Timer for Electric Shutters

Many of you have probably heard of the wonderful solution of having shutters that open and close on their own at set times.
Shabbat timers for electric shutters are an ingenious invention that can assist us daily and especially on Shabbat.

Some advantages of Shabbat timers for electric shutters, and some tips

  • Shabbat timers for electric shutters are a reliable alternative to manual operators and are very easy to use.
  • Shabbat timers for electric shutters can be set to open and close your shutters many times a day if necessary, at 15 minute intervals.
  • There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes of Shabbat timers for your electric shutters. They can even be connected to Gewiss switches.
  • We recommend using a small dust brush to keep your electric shutter Shabbat timers clean of dirt and dust. When painting walls, it is best to cover the timer properly.
  • There are several manufacturers for electric shutter Shabbat timers. Israeli, German and Italian companies all make good timer that do their job sufficiently. Based on our experience though, we recommend using the Israeli brand. Although the Israeli shutter timer is larger than the others, it is also the strongest and most durable.
  • We are often asked, “Are certain electric shutter Shabbat timers more suited to certain electric shutter motors?” The answer is: Shabbat timers for electric shutters are suitable for all types of electric shutter motors in Israel. The timer activates or deactivates the same electrical current that the shutter motor recieves, regardless of the type of shutter motor.
  • It’s important to note that Electric shutter Shabbat timers are Halachically accepted, by all opinions.
  • The shutter timer may be installed under the wall plaster, or over. Shutter timers are thus a convenient solution that doesn’t require any unneeded demolition and renovation.
  • Most timers have three basic settings: fully disconnected, the Shabbat setting and weekday setting.

Manual operator or Shabbat timer?

You can actually have both a manual operator and Shabbat timer connected to your shutters! It’s important to remember though to detach the manual operator from the shutter while the timer is on the Shabbat setting. Simultaneous use could cause opposition that may damage the shutter motor. The manual operator is always a good option to have in case of an emergency or power outage.

Electric shutter Shabbat timer, only on Shabbat?

It’s only called a Shabbat timer because that is it’s main use. It’s a timer for planning automatic operation at set times. The Shabbat timer is thus a useful solution for day-to-day needs. For example, it can be set to air out a room or apartment